Company values:
      Integrity-based, chasing achievement, continuous innovation
   Company wishes:
      Integration of resources , Building a international valve actuators company in China
   Increase profit yearly. Personal profit is among the best of industry 
   Form abundant fund resources through accumulation of fund
   Specialized, diversified and younger human resources .Develop constantly competitiveness of highly-competent talents.
   Build a good reputation through integrity and first-class service
   Our company built consumers group through honest management , long-term market development , products development and good service
   Customer first .Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit
   Standard work processes .Scientific and reasonable .Simple and effective
   Research  , produce and sell valve driving actuators as well as the operation of whole set of products and import and export trade.
   Self-dependent innovation  .Build first-class brand.
     Develop the industry of manufacturing the valve driving actuators.
   Make a contribution to build a friendly society.
     Constantly strive to become stronger 
   Solidarity and enterprise
   1.Insist on scientific and development view .Support self-dependent innovation actively
   2.Create and maintain the harmonious relation between company and staffs. 
   3.Provide staffs with safe , tidy , harmonious and equal work environment.
   4.Discover talents and give them suitable positions
   Employ or appoint people according to their merits
   Select and appoint talents variously
   5.Pay attention to outstanding achievement
   Reward  for the good through achievement and obsolete the bad through reasonable performance system
   6.Give staffs reasonable salaries through scientific salary system
   7.Concept guides the ideas, ideas promote innovation ,quality casts brand , efficiency improve speed ,studying creates perfect
   8.Encouraging and supporting team spirit
   9.Encouraging staffs to come up with suggestion to increase achievement and management level.
   10.Care about staffs’ physical and psychological health
   Encourage positive psychological interest
   Pursuit healthy life-style
   11.Strict enforcement of policy about labor China security supervision.
   Ensure that the legitimate right shall be inviolable